Leaders of The Holy Christian Church


Pastor Wayne Felton II

Wayne Felton II is the Lead Pastor of The Holy Christian Church in Mankato, Minnesota. Prior to his pastoral ordination in June of 2014, he had served as the Youth Minister to children, youth and young adults at The Holy Christian Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Pastor Felton II has grown up in church as his father, Archbishop Wayne R. Felton has been pastoring for over 25 years. Growing up Pastor Felton was actively involved in the Music Ministry of the Church for 13 years. 


Pastor Felton graduated from Bethel University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies.


Along with his wife, Lady Samiya and four children;

Wayne III, Angelina, Naomi, and Micah, Pastor Felton has ministered to both students and adults engaging them to live in the love of God.


Samiya Felton

Women's & Family Ministries 


Aleah Felton

Worship Leader

Marcellus Butler

Discipleship &



John Harper

Facilities &

Service Programming

Shabraya Butler

Administration & Creative

Shonita Harper

ChurchKids Leader


Angel Obidiegwu

Host Team Leader


Chima Obidiegwu

Generation Church Leader