Vision Statement:

Introducing people to God's compassionate love through our passionate love for people.

Mission Statement:

THCC Mankato exists to glorify God by making disciples

Core Values:

1.We Pray:

Long, Loud and Large

We pray as long as it takes.

We pray loud without shame.

We pray large faith-filled prayers. 

2.We Worship:

Freely, under and open heaven. 

We sing, lift our hands and dance with passion to

God who is present in our Worship

3. We Flow:

In God Given Gifts For God's Great Glory 

We will use the gifts God has given us to bring

glory to God and strength to our neighbor. 

4. We Live:

As A Walking Invitation To Jesus and the Church

We represent Jesus in our lives and

invite people to Jesus every chance we get

5. We Serve:

God In Our Service To People And The Church

We see a need, in the church or in the city, and we meet it. 

6. We Give:

Through Faithful and Faith-filled Generosity

We are open handed with our resources

because God has been generous to us. 

7. We Teach:

In Real and Relevant Ways That Lead To Righteousness

We value engagement people, and

application of the bible to a real world context

8. We Gather:

To Grow, Learn and Love

We love each other, and come together

to share and receive love